Prevail Strength


Prevail Strength is focused on building up functional strength and muscle development. Each day has a specific muscle group focus, but you can always expect to work your entire body. We train core functional movements but with constant variety which keeps your workout different and exciting!

Prevail Power


Prevail Power is our high-energy training class. In this class we will increase your heart rate to develop cardio endurance while focusing on develop speed and power. You won’t use heavy equipment on Power days, but you can expect to see battle ropes, plyometric boxes, TRX bands, agility ladders and cones, running, jumping, and moving fast! This is a fun, high energy class that gets everyone fired up!

RIse & Grind


Rise & Grind is the best way to start your weekend. This class is a combination of our Strength and Power days while working your entire body. Every Saturday we get your heart rate up during our interval training and have a lot of fun working together as a team!


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Contact Information

  100 W Lee, Moberly, MO 65270